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« Make France shine all over the world »
« Make France shine all over the world »

Christine Kerdellant is the editorial director of L’Usine Nouvelle, L’Usine Digitale, Industrie & Technologies, Bip and Enerpresse. She is the Godmother of the 2021 graduation ceremony. Interactions interviewed her!

The success-story of composite materials
The success-story of composite materials

Zoheir Aboura’s team, fully aware of the environmental impact that aeronautics has on the planet, develops and maintains partnerships with numerous industrialists such as Safran, to meet the technological challenges of the aeronautics, space and defence sectors. Composite materials are popular.

Artificial intelligence and knowledge engineering
Artificial intelligence and knowledge engineering

Marie-Hélène Abel is a full professor at UTC and, since 2020, is director of the Department of computer engineering (UTC-GI). Specialized in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), and more precisely, in knowledge engineering, she gave an inaugural lecture on 1st September 2020.

Tournée de l’innovation, au rapport !
An’ initiative’ devoted to control protocols ensuring the control of safe and sustainable technology-intensive systems

Jérôme Favergeon was appointed Director of the UTC-Roberval laboratory in 2015 ad is also director of an ‘Initiative’ devoted to a Master‘s degree in safe and sustainable technology-intensive systems as part of the ‘Institutes and Initiatives’ programme launched in 2019 by the Sorbonne University alliance.

Quatre diplômés de l’UTC qui s’installent à Bali
Heading for Africa

Jean-Pierre Caliste has been a lecturer and research scientist in mechanical engineering at UTC since 2001. He was the co-initiator of the Master’s degree in Quality and Performance of Organisations (QPO). He became an emeritus professor in 2013. This has allowed him to devote himself to training, particularly in Africa.

Quatre diplômés de l’UTC qui s’installent à Bali
UTC on the podium of the 2021 James Dyson Award for the 8th time in 9 years

Jeanne Raynaud and Corentin Vercoor are the national finalists of the Dyson Award 2021 with their project Slive. Another great award for the UTC and its Design department.

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Special feature

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Special feature n°56
In favour of a sustainable world of sound
Since the discovery of fire, noise has always been associated with human activity. The industrial revolution, with the development of transport and industry in particular, led to an unprecedented increase in noise pollution. UTC’s Acoustics and Vibration team works in this context to reduce unwanted noise as much as possible and make every day sounds more pleasant, particularly in the automotive and aeronautical sectors. But the team’s skills can also be used to protect the environment, for example to detect the stridulations of the chafer larvae that threaten the forest of Compiègne. In short, the team is helping to create a sustainable sound universe.
The health and environmental issues of noise pollution
Hornets, an invasive species
Noise abatement, metamaterials' and sound design
Mufflers that absorb noise
Decors in sound
From noise to sound

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