33 : The Bible of World Innovation

L’innovation joue un rôle-clé tant pour la croissance économique que pour le bien-être. Partant de ce postulat, et prenant en considération les multiples facettes de l’innovation, le Global Innovation Index (GII) établit tous les ans un classement mondial des pays selon leur degré de performance en la matière.

33 : The Bible of World Innovation

"This creation - a Mechanical Engineering Chair for the Picardie Region - is the result of an initiative and the desire expressed by UTC to structure and strengthen the offer in this field with job openings and means to meet the challenges of our industrial partners" says Adnan Ibrahimbegovic by way of an introduction. Among these challenges, there is the trend to globalization which heightens the battle in terms of competition and here, innovation is the only saving solution. "We are also going through a transition period as far as R&D is concerned: major companies are no longer able to retain large number of in-house research staff", stresses Professor Ibrahimbegovic.

Mechanical engineering at the heart of the Region's economy

R&D activities are increasingly outsourced today, and therefore partnerships with external laboratories and other research establishments has become necessary. "UTC itself was created with, inter alia, an applied research objective and the aim to establish close links with all sorts of industrial sectors: the new creation of a mechanical engineering chair corresponds to the challenge today to federate manpower capacity and finances to innovate and create long-term partnerships", analyses the professor. This the historic connection between UTC and other establishments (CETIM, CEREMA, ESI-Group, Altair, Delta CAD, IRT-Railenium, PlasticOmnium ...) led to their being invited during the conference second day to explain their needs and expectations. The Picardie Regional authorities financially support the creation inasmuch as mechanical engineering per se is one of the pillars of the Region's economy. "Whether it be in transportation (rail, road and water-born) or in health matters or energy, mechanical engineering is a key component", underscores Adnan Ibrahimbegovic.

Making available forces blend with a project-oriented logic

In energy-related fields, wind-power is interesting both for the prospects of developing offshore windfarms and also to solve certain land-based windfarm problems (e.g., designing flexible propeller blades to cope with and absorb extreme wind conditions). For health-related issues, some advanced collaboration is already envisaged with research teams at the UTC-BMBI (bio-mechanical and bio-engineering) laboratory. "Our objective is to make available forces blend with a project-oriented and which could lead our preparing and submitting European level projects", adds Professor Ibrahimbegovic. The initial tenure of the Chair is for three years with the assigned objective to set up as many partnerships as possible, in connection with UTC's Innovation Centre and its new Foundation and thereby assure that the Chair can have its tenure extended.

A Mechanical Engineering Chair for the Picardie Region