COMPELLIA, a start-up that advises major marketing divisions

There is a difficulty nowadays when a company has to choose from among 5 000 digital marketing technologies – and it is time-consuming too. And yet the choice is critical and necessary today for any web strategy policy. Compellia is a start-up specialized in digital data analysis and aims at advising marketing division executives in the e-business websites and other major group marketing managers to find the ‘best fit’ in terms of choosing a service offer.

COMPELLIA, a start-up that advises major marketing divisions

In contrast to numerous other UTC students who began to found a start-up company before they graduated, Olivier Delcroix who obtained his engineering diploma in 2008 in the major Computer Sciences and their applications (UTC-GI), opted for a different approach. “I had always wanted to create my start up - indeed that was what determined my choice to major in GI However, before I actually did this, I want to gain some professional experience and acquire various additional skills to be able to understand business opportunities better, as and when they arose. I therefore started with the company BULL, for two years and then moved to BONITASOFT, a young start up founded by two former employees of BULL. I left them a year and a half ago to set up my own company COMPELLIA, in 2015 with Benjamin Cernes and Dialekti Valsamou."

COMPELLIA’s objective is to meet the strong demand from these marketing divisions for whom it is paramount, one could say, to keep themselves informed as to technological advances in a highly competitive area with its constantly evolving technologies. Advertising via the Internet and targeted e-mails have become fundamental to any marketing strategy, but it does prove difficult to find one‘s way (and solutions) among the very numerous proposals. “What we propose to the marketing heads is what we call strategic computer science applications”, adds Olivier. “For this we use crawler robots which “dredge” texts from sites, analyse their structures, the technologies used … we are scanning some 100 000 sites per day and we detect over 2000 different technologies at play”.

This innovative, new approach earned COMPELLIA a French Tech grant in April 2016 enabling the company to continue to develop its crawler robot. “Thanks to our platform, we can detect the technologies used by platforms similar to those of our clients. We then arrange a contact between our client and the technology users who accept to hare their experience, notably via the social, professional networks. This allows our customers to have a completely objective assessment as to possible service suppliers”.

“For the moment, at COMPELLIA, we are focusing more on the French and European markets. But our objective for horizon 2018”, adds Olivier “will be to pursue development of the robot in order to be able to detect even more, different, technologies and to strengthen our position on the European market-place”.