60s. to describe a placement!

UTC is well-known for producing multi-facet, wide-ranging engineers. They can be top-notch technically or skilful managers, or a mix of both – this is largely due to the cursus structure, with its 6 elective majors and 24 optional specialties that opens the way to innumerable professional opportunities. That is why there is no stereotype profile for a UTC graduate … This month’s ‘dossier’ looks at this rich diversity and invites the students to tell us how they perceived their last placement, just before they are invited to their much-awaited UTC graduation ceremony? The following short stories, in a sense, help the future graduates to project themselves into a job context. We shall be able to follow their first steps. Twice a year, 1 000 industrial training officers, UTC’s pedagogical tutors and the trainees meet for the poster session day devoted to the placements. The students have 15 minutes each to valorise their experience!

60s. to describe a placement!

Computer Sciences and Engineering (UTC-GI)



specialty: Management of innovative projects (MPI)

Placement descriptor: project management officer for an investment bank.

So, Florian, what was this placement? You were recruited by Capgemini Technology Services and then seconded on mission to the Societé Générale Bank. What was the core of the mission? It consisted in following the budget and planning for a trader control system! This is a huge assignment with at least 80 persons working on it, in France, in India and it has been active since 2008. "With a position like this, it is sure that I am far removed from pure technology," says Florian. The aim is to optimize the monitoring process using what is called a data reporting mechanism."



specialty: Data Mining

Placement descriptor: assistant for contract business intelligence at Renault.

Miss Cong was involved in the upgrading of an application, known as the "Single problem list (SPL)". With 13 000 users spread over 43 different sites, this SPL has 200 simultaneous connections to the various collaborators of the familiar "lozenge" trademarked vehicles. The idea is to list any and all problems encountered during the design and assembly stages of vehicles. "These 'faults, when listed, can be managed and this helps improve the overall process efficiency. My six months placement were devoted to writing and adding new functions to this application".



specialty: Systems and computer device networks

Placement descriptor: optimisation of radio link protocols

In communications for a mobile network, nodal points are used as relays. And the main challenge for Murat during his assignment was to reduce the node load to "pass" more communications. At the same time the programmes had to adapt to the display capacity of the destination terminal device. Hence the interest to convert the gains in terms of profits. It also provided for service economies. Michel advanced technologies research scientist at Thales and Murat's industrial supervisor: "After just one or two weeks, a trainee will have come to grips with this posting and will be ready to try various solutions. So what is the difficulty of the assignment? To propose developments for a software package that exists already hence the advantage in being able to communicate well."



specialty: Data Mining

Placement descriptor: social network builder at Amadeus

Amadeus is a world leader for processing of tourism-related reservations and acts as a go-between between the airline companies and the travel agencies, cruise operators and car-hire companies ... has built up a large-scale mine of data and personal coordinates. The idea behind this placement was to combine the data sources to make a social network. So, how do you go about this with some 300 M profiles to hand in the data banks? How do you identify the relevant links? Who will pay for the network (and its management)? There are numerous questions and issues ahead before "something that resembles Facebook® comes into being", explains Sylvain. And what would such a "network" offer and what could internaut suffers do with it? Why not build an assistance-platform to help "business travellers"? The contents, the ergonomics and the interfaces ... these are some of the wide-ranging interfaces of the mission assignment. "The subject is open and free to explore", says Sylvain?



specialty: Real-time systems and on-board computers

Placement descriptor: a study of the dynamics of a controlled rocket nozzle at France's national space agency (CNES).

In short, the nozzle is the exhaust muffler of a rocket. It can be directed automatically, left, right .... We read a lot about on-board computer systems; they can monitor and control the movements of the nozzle. Can we can calculate the forces that apply? Can we calculate how strong the stiffeners needs to be? The answers that Gautier provided rely on digital models and iterated diagrams, absolutely necessary to guarantee some of the constraints.