Technically-minded with an innate gift for negotiating

Eric Schindler, who graduated from UTC in 1986 (majoring in Computer sciences and their applications), is today Global Project Manager for Procter and Gamble. Network Infrastructure Project manager (Europe) and in charge of projects in 5 regions (North America, Latin America, Asia and Pacific countries, Western Europe and CEEMEA (Central & Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa). His professional track record, plus his commitment to associations and citizen issues underpin his combination of technical skills, open-vista and an acute sense of human relationships.

Technically-minded with an innate gift for negotiating

With a passion for biology, our young French ‘Bachelier’ first chose the major Bio-engineering. But given the low attractiveness he felt for the chemistry-intensive CCs, he changed his orientation and moved to Computer sciences and their applications. At the end of his UTC training, he simultaneously carried out two special internships in the Compiegne area. For 4 week-days he was posted at Saint-Gobain, contributing to the making of wind-shield prototypes for Renault’s future R21 car. And on Fridays and Saturdays, he managed a team of 40 at the perfume company Yves Saint Laurent.

This dual experience revealed his propensity for both industrial and human questions: “On one hand, I was deeply involved in industrial process automation, using computers to control glass smelting furnaces and, on the other hand, I discovered the world of luxury goods with its management and quality control functions”. Six months later, to start his professional career, he applied – not at all sure of the outcome – for a job with Procter & Gamble. And although the recruitment process was arduous and demanding, he was given his first job. He began in the field of industrial computing at the P&G factory in Amiens. Three years later, he was appointed to the Home Office at Neuilly-sur-Seine to execute analytic missions in EDP management: “I wanted to change locations and to get out of the purely industrial world”.

It was a point in time when P&G was acquiring numerous French companies with a variety of products; the corporate policy aim was to integrate the activities of these production units by making the supply chain and the logistics system uniform. Later, we saw that harmonized European accounting and financial management practices called for the methods of the units to be brought into compliance. From 1996 to 1998, Eric Schindler worked on the SAP* professional software package with fiscal and financial system experts. These years of collaboration with other specialties provided Eric with an excellent knowledge of how the various Group activities worked in France.

/* SAP stands for (Systems Applications and Products in data Processing).

From computer science to commercial business relationships

With his now extensive expertise and acquired multiple skills, he left the field of EDP to join the P&G Sales Department: “Over and above promoting our products to the supermarket shopping outlets of Leclerc and Auchan, I was able to use my skills to develop order placement, billing and payment automation”. His first sorties in this function were not self-evident but it did help him develop his personal sense for human relationships and for negotiations.

But his ease in communication and his innate sense for manpower team organization led to him being appointed EDP Director for the pharmaceutical factory unit owned by the America giant P&G. It is a sector that is demanding in terms of ingredient and product inspection and control and was a rich experience for Eric. “Every time we changed the factory computer system, we had to attest and justify in writing that the changes would not impact the quality of the medicinal drugs produced”. As a member of the factory’s executive directorate committee, Eric also held more transverse responsibilities. When P&G sold this sector’s activities, Eric rejoined the EDP Division and in his new capacity as IT Purchasing it was his job to select the suppliers in charge of setting up new logistics and sales systems for Europe.

Since 2011, his responsibility extends to cover P&G EDP projects on a global scale: “What I am seeking are solutions that will improve productivity and well-being of some 100 000 P&G personnel, no matter the site to which they have been assigned.” Despite an already very business diary of professional commitments, Eric also finds time to commit some energy to the “city” and to his alma mater, UTC. Since 2001 he has become an elected and prominent Town Council Officer at Neuilly -sur-Seine: “My engineering training background proves very useful when it comes to understanding some highly technical dossiers, such as road-works and associate infrastructures”.  Eric has now presided over the UTC alumni association Tremplin, for the past 4 years and he has thoroughly enjoyed the convivial atmosphere and the feeling that he has been useful in this role.  “We plan to launch lots of new services for the UTC students and graduates, such as a personal loan”.  

Tremplin will be celebrating its 40th anniversary this year and can rest assured that Eric will bring his dynamic nature and his organizational qualities to bear. In short, Eric Schindler has enjoyed a challenging career combined with his personal commitment to serve others.


Bio Notes

1986 Graduated from UTC (majoring in Computer science and their applications)

1987 Doctoral level qualification from the Institut d'administration des entreprises (IAE)

Joined Procter & Gamble in 1987

1998 – 2001 P&G Sales Department

2001 – 2007 Director EDP in the P&G Pharmaceutical Division

2007 – 2011 IT Purchasing Executive for Europe (53 countries)

2011 Appointed Network Infrastructure Project manager (Europe)

2001 Elected Town council officer at Neuilly-sur-Seine (first term of office)

2014 Elected President of the UTC alumni association, Tremplin.