Digital post-its by Ubikey

The days of paper-base management or white boards or wall pasted schedules in meeting rooms and corridors are over, replaced by truly collaborative work – witness what is proposed by Ubikey inside UTC.

Digital post-its by Ubikey

Ubikey firstly was an idea launched in 2009 in the context of the UTC-Costech tactile table project. The observation made was that existing digital interfaces did not lend themselves to collaborative work. In 2013 a collaboration with Airbus Defence and Space began. They wanted to develop a tool to meet their specific collaborative needs.

The project Ubikey was supported financially by Bpifrance and the company officially registered in July 2015. Today the startup has 10 staff and has some major French industrial/commercial customers in its portfolio, e.g., EDF or Sanofi. "In essence Ubikey is a digitized version of traditional brainstorming that we used to do with paper, pencils and post-its. We imagined the most natural tool we could so as to take ion a project at a glance on a large tactile screen", explains Pierre Chiquet, technical manager for Ubikey.

This interactive tool retains the flexibility of paper but has the added advantage of digital techniques, such as traceability and accessibility of all data and an optimization of occupation of work spaces and meeting rooms; "Our solution was highly attractive to the companies we approached, especially the major industrial groups, inasmuch as it enhances creativity, project managements and problem-solving in a entrepreneurial context.

Visual Management is now becoming widespread practice in the major groups. The key idea is to use a very visual tool that enables colleagues to share the level of advancement of a given project, to improve their communication and collaboration and to simplify the decision making process."