Innovative training for SMEs / SMIs and Territory

The InnovENT-E Project, in which UTC Compiegne participates, was designated laureate in the Government plan “Invest for the Future” in the category of innovative training initiatives (IDEFIs). Interactions interviewed Jean-Louis BILLOËT, Director INSA-Rouen and Managing Director for the InnovENT-E IDEFI Project.

Innovative training for SMEs / SMIs and Territory

What exactly are the needs addressed by the creation of InnovENT-E?

The InnovENT-E Project will contribute to increasing the offer of high level ‘talent training’ (for executives, managers, young engineers and PhDs) and to develop skills of technicians and other intermediate management bands thereby meeting the demands of innovative SMEs/SMIs who want to enter and develop export markets and international activities in general. Moreover, our project aims at improving the knowledge base and the attractiveness of SMEs/SMIs for HE students and, reciprocally, to create strong links between innovative SMEs/SMIs and the institutions of higher education in relation to strategies for territorial, regional development.Territories and SMEs seem to be the key words of InnovENT-E The idea firstly is to provide SMEs and SMIs with a set of skills they can adapt to face the international pressures. These skills will be creative, audacious and open to the realities of the outside world. InnovENT-E will serve to counter-balance training courses better adapted to major enterprises or administrations than to the SMEs and will enable the latter to access innovative pedagogical materials relying on multidisciplinary research related to corporate innovation and globalisation. Today these activities are not sufficiently well organised or mutualised to serve efficiently the needs of outlying SMEs.

What solution(s) assure building efficient territorial links?

To ensure that the actions engaged will last, we plan to set up an institute with ‘open’ training courses specific to the development of innovating SMEs/SMIs involved in export activities, with a partnership foundation, aimed at continuously improving the modules, their distribution, dissemination and their updating/upgrading. These professional and diploma training modules can be accessed by all SMEs/SMIs, with a close intermeshing of the country that corresponds to the geographic locations of the founder members, extended to new partners such as the competitivity poles, certain industrial/service sectors, chambers of commerce and industry (CCIs), the Regional Innovation Agencies (ARIs) and other training partners specialists of areas such as management, economic intelligence, the inter-cultural dimension, design, export, etc.

* The project is supported by the network of Universities of Technology (UTs), by the INSA Group, the University of Lorraine and by the CESI.