Thierry MOUSSU : Curiosity and unending self-questioning

Thierry Moussu is Digital Intelligence Manager for the Pierre & Vacances Center Parcs Group. He came originally from Pau (SW France), arriving at UTC in 1994, from which he successfully graduated in the elective specialty Chemical Engineering, before turning rapidly to digital communications.

Thierry MOUSSU : Curiosity and unending self-questioning

While at UTC, Thierry Moussu, given his affinities with sectors close to innovation management and strategy, continued after his degree award to follow a DESS diploma course on "Technology and Innovation Engineering". His first job, as of 1998, was with APTA Conseil [consultant company] - obtained via a UTC friend's uncle - which consisted of carrying out marketing studies for the automobile sector, one of his passions. He spent nine years with APTA, in various positions: Head of the computer sciences and services unit, then Manager for survey studies and Customer Relations Manager. Thierry Moussu then moved on to become Survey Analytics Manager at Opinion Way and then, likewise, at OTO Research. "In this Digital 'Comm' Agency, my job consisted of managing and overviewing the on-line surveys and the first e-reputation studies"; he was then recruited as their Social Media Survey Analytics Manager by Linkfluence, a company set up by UTC graduates. At that point in his career, Thierry Moussu was totally immersed in on-line survey analysis allowing him to approach the world of digital marketing. In 2013, he joined DigitasLBi Paris, as their Social Media analytics Manager, with the assignment to create a new business offer of real time marketing, first for Nissan France, followed by Nissan Europe. "The concept here was to make use of current news and events that bore some connection with the corporate trade-mark, with affinities for the marketing policy targets, leading to creation of marketing content to support products on the market-place", adds Thierry Moussu. "Numerous company are now adopting this new form of marketing thrust, but when I started it really was the pioneer days in France". However, he did not stay overlong with DigitasLBi Paris: the Group Pierre & Vacances Center Parcs recruited him to supervise their 'digital intelligence" operations.

Metrology for digital activities to improve policy targeting

"My objective was always to move from the survey agencies to the announcers and orient my career to digital marketing. I have a real passion for this segment of the Web world, where everything evolves so fast, where nothing is definitive. Monitoring here is very important, and you have to update and 'reinvent' yourself on a regular basis: continuous innovation here satisfies my own strong and constant desire to learn things", details Thierry Moussu. On a daily basis, he is in charge of measuring all the Group's digital activities, from 'main-street', general public campaigning to more precise, targeted actions. "My job was indeed created to measure the spinoff of actions developed by then team specially in charge of social media such as Facebook®, Twitter® or Instagram® and Linkedin®, etc. What are the benefits to the Group of their work? How do you measure the 'notoriety' they generate? When we measure things, the aim is to improve on the situation and guide the decisions". For the past five months, he has been 'glued' to the screens, following and assessing click rates, pages visited, user profiles ... These operations are carried out in conjunction with bloggers, to follow the reactions of given communities and to target more precisely the communication aspects. One must also adapt the work as a function of the country. The Group is present in France, in Germany, in the Netherlands and in Belgium and the way social networks are used differs from country to country. "In the Netherlands, everything is on Twitter®; in France the preferred network is Facebook®. We therefore have to adapt the visual and the associate messages, the stories, to the local country habits".

Creating convergence among the Group departments

While the metrology and analytic work is currently in its test phase, the aim is to set up convergence and an improved integration among the various Group Departments: Direct Marketing, Customer Relationships, etc. "Today, when a complaint is lodged on Twitter®, you have to fill out a form for the department concerned and draft a reply for the complainant. In the long term, the tools we are preparing will enable us to gain in fluidity and time and better serve and answer our final customers, the clients", underlines Thierry Moussu. With some 350 customer generated messages a month for the Group's activities in three different countries, the task before us is well worth our spending time and efforts to improve matter! The Group, moreover has launched 12 workshops in the field of digital communications, and must be able to monitor and measure what is happening. "For all students who are attracted by this sector, my personal advice is that they indulge in endless curiosity. What we cannot achieve today will assuredly become possible tomorrow, or the day after! You must remain open minded and know how to self-question your work and ambitions, otherwise you will rapidly be overtaken by events. UTC taught me a lot in this respect and opened my eyes and mind sufficiently early to a multitude of areas and domains of knowledge, and that alone provide an excellent base-line for my own developing thoughts and ideas".


  • 1994: admitted to UTC 
  • 1998 – 2007: Aptalys Group 
  • 2007 – 2009: Survey Analytics Manager, Opinion Way 
  • 2009 – 2011: Survey Analytics Manager, OTO Research 
  • 2011 – 2013: Social Media Survey Analytics Manager, Linkfluence 
  • 2013 – 2014: Social Media Analytics Manager, DigitasLBi Paris 
  • 2014 : Group Digital Intelligence Manager, Pierre et Vacances Center Parcs Group