Teaching QA Management (quality assessment)

Qu'il s'agisse d'une obligation réglementaire ou d'une démarche volontariste, les normes et certifications sont devenues incontournables pour les entreprises et institutions. Proposant un enseignement adapté aux salariés en poste, le Mastère spécialisé « Manager par la qualité » proposé par l'UTC permet de faciliter la mise en oeuvre interne de ces processus d'évaluation et leur utilisation comme outils d'amélioration globale des performances.

Teaching QA Management (quality assessment)

As of start of term this year, the specialist Masters diploma NQCE (Standardization, Quality Assessment (QA), Certification and Tests), created in 1992 has changed its name to “Managing of Quality- from Strategy to Operations”. “The original course was launched at the time the Treaty of Maastricht was signed to facilitate trade between the European and American markets”, explains Arnaud Derathé, who is the academic in charge of the course. The course consists of 1 200 h training which are devoted not only to predict specifications, but also extends to cover aids to decision processes and management of global performance figure for the company as a whole.

The arrival of the ISO 14000 and 9001 standards have changed the scene and now require the integration of concepts such as sustainable development, societal responsibility and new management skills. Another noteworthy change is that whereas the course initially targeted the industrial sectors, it has now been extended to cover more and more the service sectors. “The profile of applicants this year range from a medical biologist to an airline pilot, not forgetting some insurance agents, road transport managers and a nuclear physicist”, adds our lecturer research scientist. Beyond the differences in profession, the exchange of experience during the course will doubtless be fruitful. An industrial approach inspired a methodology that enabling a laboratory to account for blood samples in a medical analysis agency. To develop the networking here, the dissertations presented at the end of the diploma course will be published on line and can be openly consulted by all – naturally, respecting the confidentiality criteria where sensitive data is involved.

Innovative pedagogy

With its distant learning protocol on top of the classic class formula for the new graduates and persons seeking employment, this Master’s diploma course is especially adapted to professionals wishing to reorient their career or to acquire new skills in QA questions and applications. An on-line platform allows the attendees to follow the course ‘chapter by chapter’ which facilitates viewing time organization. Every 5 weeks, there are 3 days of residential seminar work in Paris to ensure face-to-face exchanges about the attendees’ experience and to work together on case studies. It is a one year vocational training course focused on analysing real situations met in real entrepreneurial settings. A starter site assessment allows a precise definition of a company’s needs and, where appropriate, the adding-on of new thematic modules, depending on the sector of activity. There is a ‘coaching’ option, viz., an offer for personalised accompaniment and site visits that prove particularly interesting for candidates seeking to take on new functions in the company concerned.