Christophe Rosset : The prime need for flexibility and stamina

Christophe Rosset is the Managing Director (Continental Europe) for Page Executive, one of the three brands of PageGroup, a specialist recruitment agency present in 35 different countries. Christophe Rosset graduated from UTC in 1987 with the specialty Bio-Industries.

Christophe Rosset : The prime need for flexibility and stamina

"With a passion for bio-technologies after my Baccalaureate D, I became a keen and regular reader of the magazine BioFutur. UTC was clearly a reference institution in the field and I loved both the campus ambience and the excellent relationships we enjoyed with our lecturers, all of whom were high level specialists, plus the contacts we had with enterprises via our research centre ... I have some great souvenirs of our contacts among students, notably when we were doing group work", recalls Christophe Rosset. After graduating, he did his military draft period overseas in the island State of the Dominican Republic where he worked at the local Maison de France on various agricultural development programmes, in a collaboration with the Dominican and French ministries for Agriculture. He then moved to L'Oreal becoming one of the Group's production engineers in a subsidiary specialized in shampoo and cosmetics formulating. "My job there was to supervise the fine chemistry processes, before I moved to Cardiff, again with the L'Oreal Group and I was appointed to a position of industrial manager", he adds. At that point our young graduate was tempted by entrepreneurship; he took over his own family's business for a while which they finally sold. He addressed himself to the Michael page specialist recruitment agents, looking for a job in the cosmetics sector. "They were looking for an engineer to manage recruitment of other engineers. Two weeks later I signed my contract and I've been with tem now for 18 years"!

Evolving within PageGroup

Thus, Christophe Rosset was one of the first engineers to join the Group, for the purpose of developing the "Engineers and technicians" branch, examining and selecting candidates for industrial enterprises, ranging from R&D, production lines to logistics and purchasing. From 1996 to 2001 he set up several specialist divisions Property & Construction, Logistics & Purchasing and finally Health. IN 2001 Christophe Rosset was appointed to the Board of PageGroup in France and in 2006 he left with wife and family to head for Mexico. "The objective assigned was to create the Group subsidiary in Mexico, ex nihilo. That experience as amazing, both in terms of the entrepreneurial experience gained and for the discovery of the local cultures and the encounters I made in Mexico. After 5 years there, the team had 90 collaborators, 70 of whom were consultants. Our role was not to focus on 'ex-pats' but to recruit the best local talents for this emerging market where the needs for skilled labour were very important, ranging from banks to human resource, health and property management ..." Christophe Rosset returned to Europe in 2011 when he accepted the position of Managing Director for Belgium and Luxemburg. Since the beginning of 2014, he is general managing director for Page Executive for Continental Europe. "PageGroup has 3 brands: Michael Page for the historic activities of recruitment advice and counselling, Page Personnel for those with initial professional experience and Page Executive for the recruiting of executive level managers. Today, our international synergy must be bolstered", details Christophe Rosset.

The search for new dynamics in Europe

Christophe Rosset's mission is therefore to strengthen the mark in Europe, as well as the Page Executive networks that specialize in Industry, Shopping malls, Financial Services, Health, Human Resources and Manpower management, etc., but he keeps himself on a par by continuing as a consultant for the industrial sectors. "Job markets in Europe are relatively stable, but we must seek a certain fraction of renewal after a period of cost optimizing between 2008 and 2012. Enterprises are now picking up again in terms of design of new products and services and to this end have begun recruiting new skills, in a cautious context as far as salaries offered are concerned", says Christophe Rosset. For young graduates from UTC, this expert in the recruiting game advocates that they acquire and develop a wide international vista, opening the mind and finding ways to avail of opportunities for positions carrying high value responsibilities. As he sees things, the qualities you need to evolve favourably in an enterprise are flexibility (to better understand the specific challenges of the market-place so as to be able to react quickly and rapidly as changes emerge), and staying power or stamina. "Stamina is a quality that is rarely underlined, but it is needed when it comes to conveying a dynamic thrust for one's ideas, to build on exchanges, to progress rapidly". Christophe Rosset offers one final piece of advice: that candidates analyse the job but also clearly assess the sector of activities they have in mind. "Young people are generally trained for a profession, but they do not often question what the future might be in that sector whereas other sectors might be far more rewarding. This approach is primordial if you want to love your job!"


  • 1987 : Graduated from UTC
  • 1987-1993 : Engineer with the Groupe L'Oréal, first in France then in Wales
  • 1993-1995 : Company head as Deputy Managing Director, family business H.Rosset
  • 1996 : joined PageGroup, France 2006: Managing Director Mexico to set up local branch offices for the 3 PageGroup brands: Page Personnel, Michael Page and Page Executive
  • 2014 : Managing Director (Continental Europe) for Page Executive