46: The UTC MS2T Labex* A recognised dynamic ‘excellence’ lab., to be fostered, long-term

UTC is host to and supports one of the 171 so-called Labex (see below) entities certified in the French Government’s Investments for the Future incentive Programme (2010). These sites are designated as bridgeheads for “excellence’ in French scientific and technological research, HE and valorisation activities, aimed at generally enhancing their international visibility and repute. This issue’s Dossier zooms in on the underlying challenges and main positive results and fallout.

46: The UTC MS2T Labex* A recognised dynamic ‘excellence’ lab., to be fostered, long-term

[Translate to Anglais:] Un projet de start-up porté par MS2T

Ahmed Lounis defended his PhD thesis at UTC-Heudiasyc Lab on a subject that relates to research carried out in the remit of MS2T: “security in cloud computing”. 



With his PhD supervisor, Prof. Abdelmadjid Bouabdallah, plus support from the MS2T Labex, Ahmed finds himself busy today creating a start-up based on his research. “Cloud computing mobilizes various, different systems that inter-communicate (forming, consequently, a system of systems) to provide data storage and/or processing, as desired. For a business company that is a more economical alternative to investing in a home EDP equipment, but it can at the same time raise security issues. The solution we provide offers two advantages. One: the control of the data stored in the cloud and their processing remain in the hands of the data owner, i.e., it is not the service supplier that offers protection but the client who can, if he/she so wishes encrypt that data or mask it partly. Two: it is efficient in terms of computation and consumes less energy, for a lower cost”.

The solution Ahmad Lounis proposes has been embodied in a demonstrator. From this point on, the aim is to identify potential industrial partners and to develop commercial products tailor-made for specific applications. For this purpose, Ahmed Lounis is accompanied by the SATT (a technology transfer accelerator company) of which UTC is a member, by Lutech and also has a pre-incubator contract on the Heudiasyc lab. premises co-financed by the Labex, by the Region (Hauts-de-France) and by the ERDF (European Regional Development Fund). “The objective is to create a start-up in our Hauts-de-France Region as it is important to remain physically close to the UTC. The latter serves as the scientific guarantor for the project and offers an environment conducive to innovation later on. The Cloud should be viewed only as the start-up’s market entry-point. In the long term, our company will be able to position itself on other promising segments generated by the cybersecurity theme”.