18 : Those who create, invent and imagine our future

18 : Those who create, invent and imagine our future

Global warming, increased costs for energy, reduced CO2 emissions... our cities today are faced with both economic and environmental challenges on a large scale, and energy procurement/use plays an important role here. Thus, in a context with new energy regulations appearing at EU level between now and 2020, renewables are being multiplied.

The recent arrival in urban environments of renewables and new storage facilities, together with increase ecological sensitivity, have made it all the more important to properly control energy questions and performance. Embix, which came from a subsidiary merger agreement between Alstom and Bouygues Immobilier "proposes an integrated set of solutions and services designed to reduce electricity bills by acting on consumption and control of energy expenditure in general.", explains Eric L'HELGUEN.

How does Elmix come in? In fact its used the latest technologies in a smart grid philosophy, i.e., it relies on intelligent networks capable of absorbing large quantities of renewable energies, while ensuring maximum grid security. "Intermittence is a feature of renewables that calls for intelligent control" confirms Eric L'HELGUEN. What we can readily observe is a growth in the number of energy intensive services in urban areas, and example being the electric car, and we know the consumption of each car is a random factor. Future electric networks must be made ready to handle these new services, whilst making provision for increasing accurate electricity demand forecasts. Alstom, with its recognised expertise notably in energy supply control; systems and safety fcator for micro-networks - chose to join forces with Bouygues Immobilier, a world leader in building construction, the resulting organisation being in a position to propose optimised solutions and higher performance energy control at both building and urban scales. "In this framework, in 2012 we imagined IssyGrid, the first smart energy city precinct in France", explains the CEO of Embix.

The "quartier" in question is in the Paris suburb of Issy-Les-Moulineaux and is a site obeying a triple logic: consume better, integrate renewable power sources and optimise energy management functions". And the challenges are numerous if we adopt a sustainable development stance. The first challenge is economic, viz., to limit over-investment in infrastructures. The second is environmental, viz., reducing energy consumption and the negative impact on the environment. Third challenge - the societal aspect, by improving life-styles, mixity and social integration in these eco-precincts. On the same model, several new towns in China and Qatar are already looking to the solutions proposed by Embix. They will be among the first smart cities of tomorrow ...