14 : Tout savoir sur les investissement d'avenir à l'UTC

14 : Tout savoir sur les investissement d'avenir à l'UTC

RAILENIUM : is an institute for technological research (IRT) that specifically addresses questions in rail transport

RAILENIUM, which stands for the European Institute for Technological Railroad research has as partners both UTC-Compiegne and its Roberval Laboratory and was designated laureate in a call to tender from with only 5 other national scale projects. RAILENIOUM was built on the foundations of the world-class competitivity pole -Trans, is a project of European and internal scope, and aims to become world leader in R&D, training engineering in the field of railroad infrastructures.

RAILENIUM brings together the best French public sector and Industry’s research scientists and industrialists, and can make available various equipment assemblies, and research platforms that are unique in Europe; a test railway circuit 5 km long, a tramway test track, a materials fatigue and hydraulics test-benches.

In French the Institut de Recherche Technologique (IRT): a group of public and private laboratories that address a given future technology domain of application. The geographic location of an IRT is limited and brings together training, research and innovation activities…