The Innovation Summit - a special edition highlighting “innovative city areas”

UTC Compiegne and its local innovation and creativity eco-system are already giving ideas to a number of international actors who wish to set up innovative city areas and milieus.

The Innovation Summit - a special edition highlighting “innovative city areas”

n November 2012, UTC Compiegne took part in the 2nd edition of the Innovation Summit, held in Montreal and highlighting projects and case-studies of “innovative city areas”.

The Summit was co-organised by the École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS), McGill University, in a partnership with the City of Montreal, Canada. “The objective of the Summit was to “bring together the world’s major players in designing of innovative city areas and thereby induce a high level of exchange to identify and analyse best practices in city planning and management”, explains UTC’s President Prof. Alain STORCK. UTC Compiegne, the prime mover of its own local eco-system for innovation and creativity - similar to some extent to the Cornell-Technion Innovation Institute, New York, or to the GIANT innovation campus at Grenobles, or London’s Tech City, or the Industry Campus (Technoparc) at Curitiba, or to MaRS in Toronto, or the Manchester Corridor or 22@Barcelona – was invited to present its project, based as it is, notably, on a close partnership with the city of Compiegne and its local community area.
President STORCK confirmed the set-up and its aims: “Our local eco-system for innovation and creativity naturally has an urban aspect, but also social and cultural dimensions. Our aim really is to create an area that will integrate not only the entrepreneurial factors and rhythms but also those of Compiegne’s population at large – those who live there, work there … and this will generate a local high quality life style; a style that will necessarily be diverse in composition and hopefully conducive to attracting more residents, local shops, an increase in cultural offers and modern public services”.

The 3rd edition of the Innovation Summit - building on the nascent informal network of the world’s actors in knowledge management, creativity and job creation - will take place in Compiegne in the Spring of 2013, co-organised by UTC Compiegne, HEC-School of Management , University of Liege, Belgium.