Digital SK to Crossknowedge-Brazil, the cutting edge of e-learning

Digital SK, the leading company in e-learning in Brazil was created by a UTC graduate, Romain Mallard, who discovered the country through a university exchange with PUCPR in the State of Paraná.

Digital SK to Crossknowedge-Brazil, the cutting edge of e-learning

As an undergraduate matriculated in Mechanical Engineering at UTC, Romain Mallard followed computer science courses at PUCPR in his final year. He was subsequently hired by a UTC graduate to work at Siemens, Brazil, and later did a DEA on distance learning in association between UTC, Siemens and PUCPR. “My business project was inspired by from this research work. It seemed rather natural for me to return to Brazil, both because of the potential for e-learning in the country but also because of the strong network of UTC graduates that would prove more than useful to identify business partners”, recalls Romain Mallard. His company Digital SK was launched in 2004, in Curitiba, because of proximity with the aforementioned network.

Innovation and perseverance

Starting from a blank sheet of paper, Digital SK grew and joined forces with the French company Crossknowledge, leader in Europe with a client portfolio of 4M professionals and 400 groups round the world, who in fact acquired Digital SK last year. So, what is the secret of success? “We placed a bet on technological innovation and methodology and chose the right partners. But above all, we lost count of the hours we spent on the job – let’s call it sheer perseverance!” says Romain with a smile. The partnership with Crossknowledge allowed Romain to accelerate Digital SK’s growth profile, before opening up a catalogue of turn-key high quality training modules. During the adventure, UTC was never far away, even at 5 000 km. Thus the very first Digital SK solutions were in fact created at UTC (using Scenari® technologies) and the partnership with Crossknowledge was monitored by Eric Gebers, a UTC graduate and R&D Director of the company. Out of 50 persons employed in the Crossknowledge-Brazil team, several have a track record that mixes UTC and the Brazilian academic partners, including for example, the Director of Integration!

Growth prospects between 30-35%!

Our market position, with very high quality products and splendid reactivity proved a good choice for us to bolster our chances in a rapidly expanding market”. Digital SK, becoming Crossknowledge-Brazil has clients such as L’Oréal, Arcelor, Petrobras, HSBC, la Fédération des industries du Parana, etc. The home office has been moved to Rio di Janeiro and branch offices have been opened in Brasilia and Sao Paolo. The impressive growth prospects lie between 30% and 35% for year 2014. “The number of students in higher education in Brazil has doubled up thanks to the colossal efforts the country had invested in this area since the 1990s and to national economic growth. A lot still remains to be accomplished and our solutions are positioned on premium quality and very high demand,” underscores Romain with enthusiasm. “Brazil is still a complex country where investments when made must adopt a long term vision. Crossknowledge, compared with the competitors, is one of the pioneering companies in the field of e-learning; it is now being consolidated."