Bleisurable* travelling Jack and Ferdi

Making the most of professional trips to discover a city and/or its local culture, is what ‘Jack and Ferdi’ - a start-up created in 2011 by Anne-Fleur Andrle, a UTC gradaute who majored in Bio-engineering (UTC-GB) - proposes.

Bleisurable* travelling Jack and Ferdi

"I used to work for AMA XpertEye, developing their branch office in Boston, and I was always literally hopping on and off planes", says Anne-Fleur Andrle.

"But the rhythm of my trips became increasingly tiring and was frustrated inasmuch as I "saw nothing" of this city. So I started to think about a 'healthier", "saner" way to travel". With a former colleague, Romain Aubanel, Anne-Fleur started looking for a way to optimize business trips. "Working with friends who themselves travelled a lot and with our own well-heeled business travellers' acumen. In 2017, she quit her job with AMA XpertEye to devote all her time and energy to the Jack and Ferdi startup, which she co-founded with Romain. The "app", downloadable on i-phones since December 2018 (the Android version is coming soon) is free. "We do not sell the data we collect, but just taker a percentage cut on the bookings made via the "app". For the moment, no less than 85 cities are on the data base. "Bleisure"* comes into its own right when you are travelling on business trips far from home, so we privilege destinations potentially attractive to travellers who come mainly from North America and Western European countries. We are now present on all continents".

The key parameters of the app are "authentic high quality content", checking out the information and recommendations with the help of local ambassadors, taking into account the constraints and preferences of the user (via Artificial Intelligence algorithms). Local culinary specialties, adopting proper manners and attitudes to doing business in far-flung cultures... the app is diversified, as Anne-Fleur confirms: "Bringing home magnets for the refrigerator is fun but you soon want to have something more authentic to talk about!"

Jack and Ferdi is already a success story and the startup will soon be opening offices in Paris and developing B to B version for the business companies themselves. "It is an innovative way for them to generate adhesion of their employees", underscores Anne-Fleur.

* A combination of business and leisure, defined as "the activity of combining business travel with leisure time". The term "bleisure" was first published in 2009 by the Future Laboratory as part of their biannual Trend Briefing.


1. Explore: A list of things to see, to see and to bring back.

2. Care: A list of local charities worth supporting, suggested walks or runs

3. Work: Advice to help integrate local business cultures and contexts