A humanist entrepreneur

Christopher Belliard, co-founder of the startup Coddity in 2016 is a specialist in Web development and Data sciences. A logical step for a 2008 UTC graduate who majored in Computer science and their applications (UTC-GI) and who likes to prospect in technologies and innovation

A humanist entrepreneur

UTC trains 'humanist-oriented technologists', as Étienne Arnoult, Director of Training and Pedagogy at UTC, in Interactions #48.

Lessons in social sciences and humanities that Christopher Belliard is proud to have followed ever since he set up Coddity. "While I was at UTC, I learned a lot in social science, economics, marketing... and in 'what makes other people tick', which is absolutely necessary when you are coordinating and managing a business team", says Christopher. "Moreover, managing innovative projects allowed me to step back a bit in terms of the technologies and the innovation involved. This was fundamental for me to really understand (as an engineer) what can be put on the market-place, and how to overcome existing brakes and stumbling blocks so that the public at large will adhere to and adopt a given innovation".

Christopher has retained from this experience a definite taste to identify and hire new skills. "We have our own in-house training unit, we call it the 'Manufacture' where we train our staff in respect to both technicalities and what we call transverse skills, such as how to recruit, how to enhance entrepreneurism, etc.". Coddity also has its own R&D unit and one day per month the company employees can work on their own personal projects; such as developing an AI (artificial intelligence) based search engine or face recognition starting with a LinkedIn profile photo.

Christopher see these "'side-ventures' as necessary to stay competitive in advanced areas such as Web development or AI applications, to maintain a high degree of creativity in the team and to come up with business proposals that closely match the customers' needs. "We mainly develop tailor-made products for our customers", notes Christopher. "Recently we developed a Web "app" to visualize data related to a fleet of driverless cars for an automobile manufacturing group". Next step? Opening a Coddity branch office outside Paris, probably in the Lyons area.


  • Four UTC 'developer' staff graduates, out of twenty.
  • A partnership with Data Venture, UTC's data science association and the UTC Junior (Enterprise).
  • The Coddity Grant: a competitive grant system addressing all computer science students with an emphasis this year to promoting women in technical areas and professions.