Hepic: the Creatives’ App

Creative competitions, especially photographic are a great way to federate a community, to promote an event or a brand of product/service, while proving high-quality content. In most cases, competitions like these lack in visibility on the Internet and this penalizes the organizers and discourages potential participants. Four UTC students have come up with the solution, a collaborative platform that brings competitions together, which they have baptized by the name of ‘Hepic’.

Hepic: the Creatives’ App

Helping to set up competitions, hosted on an exclusive platform, with built-in legally compliant management processes …

Edgar Jullien, Hugo Lechleiter, Théodore Bourgeon and Alexandre-Guillaume Gilbert),the four students focused on making their progressive “app” as simple as possible to use for both the competition organizers and the participants. In this manner the ‘creatives’ can participate and vote in all the competitions on the platform, while the organizers (be they enterprises, SMEs, associations, townhall, events, etc.) can easily download photo, videograms … once the competition is over.


A project encouraged and supported by UTC

 “This idea occurred to us two years ago and UTC encouraged us to pursue via the so-called ‘Elite Entrepreneurship’ programme, which enabled us to be counselled by professionals and to benefit from a tailor-made lecture schedule so we were able to devote time to our project”, explains Edgar Jullien, co-founder and CEO of the “app”, matriculated in the Mechanical Engineering specialty Innovative Project Management (MPI).


Building up a community of creatives

Hugo Lechleiter, co-founder and designer of this “app”, matriculated in the UTC specialty IDI (mechanical engineering design) has a longer-term ambition “We would like to welcome a host of ‘creatives’ on to our platform, progressing towards a mutually beneficial collaboration between the creatives and the competition organizers”.