Bip Pop a platform that helps citizens, associations and local authorities

Bip Pop is a service-intensive platform that targets local authorities who wish to widen the scope of their social services offer to help alleviate and remedy isolation factors. Interactions went out to meet some happy Bips and Pops!

Bip Pop a platform that helps citizens, associations and local authorities

Two years ago, Philippe Angrand, a ripe old 84 despite having to use a walking stick needed some help to make him walk a bit more. This former armed forces man called in and just one Bip later, a Pop (a co-opted local volunteer) by the name of Lucile turned up, or should we say ‘popped up’, in a flash? The mission assigned to Bip-Pop is to help strengthen the social contact with and for persons who gradually lose their autonomy.

“I’ve been living in Compiegne for 47 year now; I have 4 daughters and 4 grand-children, all of whom have excellent jobs. For my day-to-day needs, I have Lucile and also Fabrice with whom I can get as far as the local “bistro” to enjoy a coffee. I think this idea of having people meet and help others is both very astute and very useful. Rather than walk alone, which means in the long run not walking at all, now I know I have someone who can help me beat my lazy inclinations”, says Philippe. “We chat about everything that crosses our minds and I get her to talk to me about her family. Sometimes too, she helps me use my computer more efficiently”.

“For the past year, I have been lucky enough to look after Jacques, 93 years old. He loves when I read books out loud for him” Marie-Ange Pautet, a kind and generous Pop

Social innovation

Courtesy visits, reading out loud sessions, help with computers, dealing with ‘admin’ papers, company for walks, shopping, attending events and even generation exchanging advice … if I need help, I call Bip Pop and they answer immediately, which is possible via the Internet and mobile “apps”. What we have is a transposition to satisfy purely social needs. The aim is to popularize local help services. Hence the “Pop” as in “Popularise”. Anne Guénan – lecturer-cum research scientist at UTCV Costech lab, whose idea it was initially to create this social and solidarity-driven innovation – explains, “Bip Pop is the result of several years’ development of research in a partnership venture between UTC and the Godin Institute. The Bip Pop platform will be being implemented throughout the Region Hauts-de–France in 2019-20”.

Proximity & sociability

Bip Pop has the status of a social and solidarity-driven company (of collective interest). It has partnerships with local authorities, with the various MDS, RPA, EHPAD, CAS, CCAS, CSR that all aim at serving the needs of isolated persons. “What is worrying today in France is that we have 1.2 M senior citizens who are isolated and this figure is rising all the time. Thanks to this mechanism whereby we can bring together people expressing a need and services that offer help, Bip Pop helps these seniors continue to stay in at home, with access to what we call the “final mile” and proximity services”, adds Mathieu Ribeil, director for development of Bip Pop. An ESUS certification, for social and solidarity-driven company (of collective interest) is just round the corner!