Bip Pop Co-operative wins a ‘la France s'engage’ award

Among the twelve 2020 winners chosen by the Fondation “La France s'engage”, among the social entrepreneurs who innovate to build a fairer and more socially responsible society, we find the Compiègne-based Bip Pop Cooperative designed within the UTC Costech laboratory. It has been noted at the national level for its application of mutual aid among citizens, associations and communities aimed at alleviating isolation.

Bip Pop Co-operative wins a ‘la France s'engage’ award

The health crisis we are going through has unfortunately accentuated inequalities in our society. The mission of Bip Pop takes on an even stronger meaning in this period. The co-operative offers a platform of local self-help services for communities that wish to broaden their social offer in order to fight against people's isolation. Bip Pop is a social and solidarity economy enterprise (société coopérative d'intérêt collectif). Its partnerships with local authorities, MDS, RPA, EHPAD, CAS, CCAS, CSR aim to provide a service to as many isolated people as possible. "The situation in France is worrying. Two million senior citizens are in a situation of isolation and this figure is constantly increasing. By putting people in need of a service in touch with other people or entities offering their services, Bip Pop is making it easier for them to stay at home by providing access to the last mile and local services," explains Mathieu Ribeil, Bip Pop's development director.

A recognised social innovation

Conviviality visits, reading aloud, computer assistance, help with administrative formalities, accompaniment on walks, races, events and even senior-junior advice, I need help, I “beep” Bi, and Pop answers me, referring to the immediacy of Internet and mobile uses. But here it is transposed to pure social contact. The idea is to popularise these local self-help services. Here again the pop popularises. Anne Guénand, lecturer-research scientist at UTC designed this social and solidarity innovation at the UTC-Costech laboratory. "Bip Pop is indeed the fruit of several years of development and research work in partnership with UTC and the Godin Institute. Winner 2016 of the Impact Ashoka programme, winner 2016 of the Inclusive Mobility Laboratory, winner 2017 and 2018 of the Oise Financeers' Conference, as well as of the Hauts-deFrance region, the Bip Pop platform was deployed in 2020 in the Hauts-de-France and beyond. “

The citizen commitment is affirmed at this particular time

This tool for coordinating local solidarity makes it possible to respond easily to the specific and sometimes very simple needs of isolated people through a voluntary and local response. The network thus formed promotes home care for the elderly and brings more life into their homes. As former President of the Republic, François Hollande, Chairman of the Foundation La France s'engage, points out: "Bip Pop is a real bulwark against exclusion and will aim to break the isolation of more than 30,000 elderly people living in rural areas within three years. Our project is to contribute to building a fairer and more supportive society, based on the fulfilment of each individual. "The Fondation La France s'engage is part of the extension of the programme of support for social and solidarity innovation initiated by the State in 2014. Each year, it identifies and rewards the most innovative projects. Once approved, the projects are accelerated by the Foundation, which provides them with support for three years in addition to funding. The aim is to help them spread throughout the country.