AtmosGear, Soft mobility in an urban settings

Christine Kerdellant, Editorial Director of Infopro Digital and Manuel Moragues, Editor-in-Chief of Industrie & Technologies, together with partners, unveiled the four 2020 winners of the 17th edition of the Trophies for Engineers of the Future. After having been "a favourite" at the 2019 edition, Mohamed Soliman, 23 years old, won this year's prize in the "Innovation" category with his electrically assisted rollerblade project: AtmosGear.

AtmosGear, Soft mobility in an urban settings

AtmosGear was chosen in the Innovation category of the Engineers of the Future 2020 Awards. It is the world's first electrically assisted, self-contained and connected rollerblade model. A highlight at the 17th edition of the Engineers of the Future Trophies held on December 1st in a 100% digital format. Organised by the editorial staff of the review Usine Nouvelle, they reward engineering students in four categories: Innovation, Research, Tech For Good and Digital. Mohamed Soliman, a 23 year old engineer, is a UTC student. In 2019, this entrepreneur created a startup in the field of electric urban mobility. Its flagship product, AtmosGear, aims to be the first ecological mobility alternative that is at the same time intelligent (no need for a joystick), practical (no need to take off your shoes) and fun (challenges and community social network).

Mobility, an everyday issue

"Our ambition is to change the travel habits of the French by democratising soft mobility. Whether it's to go to work, to class, or on a walk, AtmosGear provides the benefits of a sporting activity while reducing your efforts to help you find pleasure in your daily journeys," emphasises the young company director for whom mobility means being able to move where you want to, when you want to and how you want to. “And what we want above all is to link our users to each other so that they can exchange and even challenge each other via our connected application," he continues. “This community of enthusiasts is called AtmosRiders”.

Five technological solutions for an innovative system

AtmosGear are rollerblades equipped with motorised wheels with intelligent assistance that will understand the user's movements and adapt to them automatically. Result: no need for a joystick and no need to take off your shoes because the retractable frame adapts to your size. "With AtmosGear, we will recover the energy from skating and reuse it in two ways. When going downhill, freewheeling, with regenerative braking. And when the battery is dead, if you skate long enough, you regain more autonomy," explains Mohamed Soliman. Finally, thanks to the AtmosRiders application, users will be able to exchange with each other and challenge each other on courses that they themselves have created.”

A project supported by the of the utc innovation and territorial development department

Mohamed Soliman imagined these skates of the future, which are very real today, at the UTC Daniel Thomas Innovation Centre. This highly skilled engineer did not wait until the end of his studies to become an entrepreneur. It is thanks to the DIDT's Innovative Project and Entrepreneurship Scheme, and then the ITerra incubator that he overcame various technological pitfalls, one by one: sensor agility, miniaturisation of the power unit... "The engineers of tomorrow will also be the citizens of the future. It is important for us that our students are able to envisage and adapt to this changing world. This is something Mohamed Soliman has already understood for a long time," says Pascal Alberti, the school's Director of Innovation and Territorial Development.