ABCD Nutrition

It is estimated that between 1 and 11% of the population in France follow a low-gluten diet (i.e., without wheat, rye, oat or barley proteins) and it can be observed that the gluten-free foodstuff market is very rapidly expanding. Bruno Pierre, who graduated from UTC in 1987 with the major Bio-Engineering (UTC-GB) is a pioneer in the field and he reveals his recipes for Interactions readers.

ABCD Nutrition

Bruno Pierre registered his company group ABCD Nutrition in 2009, specialized in ‘bio’ and gluten-free products with five trademarks (Les Recettes de Céliane, Moulin d’Amhara and Moulins, Biothentic and Viadélice). Today, ABCD Nutrition is N°2 in the gluten-free market. And yet Bruno Pierre had not imagined he would become a corporate CEO when he started his career. “I never thought I would be an entrepreneur when I graduated from UTC. I was creative, loved the idea of innovating, but not necessarily in the vision of setting up a company. Indeed, when I set up my first company, this resulted more from an opportunity and to the urge to gain my freedom”.

And, above all, he had a clearly positive flair when it came to detecting a potentially rich market slot: “I was working at that time, says Bruno Pierre, “with an industrial bread-making company, in their R&D division, and I met a person suffering from coeliac disease and who had his personal industrial preserve bread supply sent over from Great Britain – it was horrible, and that led me to thinking I could probably do something here in France. Consequently I set up my first company, Valpiforme, in 1990."

That venture immediately proved a success, but in 2008 his company was bought out by Lactalis. “I started with very few assets and I was a minority shareholder”, he explains. “The buy-out was not something I wanted, so after a year I chose to leave the company. Nonetheless, the gluten-free sector was still a passion for Bruno Pierre and he decided to set up a second start-up, even though this was not self-evident. “It was quite a trial to start over again from scratch in 2009 – I had to reinvest in everything”

Bruno Pierre drew lots of conclusions from this experience and he loves to share the latter with young entrepreneurs. “I definitely encourage anyone who wants to launch a start-up –y the experience you gain here is terrific. But, when I think back over what happened to me, I think it is essential to be ‘accompanied’ in the adventure, and maybe that was a mistake I made with my first company. You have to build up a network even with the bankers and these relationships must be long-term constructions. Moreover, you often hear that the CEO is a lonely person. As I see it, this is only true if the person wants to be alone and a contrario, someone who wants to share his powers is never alone. I personally brought my managers ion to the capital share and ABCD Nutrition has a Board of Directors. In that way, we can share the good and the bad moments of corporate life”.

Bruno Pierre’s passion, 26 years ‘down the road’ is still intact, as is his desire to innovate. “Now, we have products that are practically identical to foodstuffs containing gluten. Our next objective will notably be the development of deep-free lines and to continue of course improving the quality of all our products!”

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