38 : UTC Startups - series II

Following suit to Series I presenting just some of UTC’s start-ups, we offer our readers the Series II which will continue on UTC’s WebTV facility and via our social network pages. They indeed are the living proof that UTC through it’s a la carte pedagogy and its training/research continuum enhances the maturing and personal development of all its students, encouraging them to express and release their creative and innovative talents.

38 : UTC Startups - series II

The start-up Perfect Memory, or How to valorise your data bases

In 2007, the Île-de-France (greater Paris region) published a report in which we read, quote “the quantity of data made available on a global scale doubles up every year. This data proliferation, coming from various public or private media, combined with inherent heterogeneity makes the understanding and analysis of data increasingly difficult, yet they are absolutely vital”.  In 2016, management and analysis of Big Data have become essentials activities for numerous companies.  The start-up Perfect Memory, founded by a UTC graduate is in the business of making the mass of information easier to handle and to be valorised.

Document engineering is a new field into which Steny Solitude – CEO of Perfect Memory ventured - while he was following the elective specialty ‘engineering of culture-intensive industries’* set up initially by Bernard Stiegler; Steny who graduated in 2001, adds “UTC is the only engineering school to possess a real school of documentary engineering and knowledge engineering, under the leadership of Bruno Bachimont and Stéphane Crozat. Engineers graduating from UTC in the specialty Digital technologies are unequalled in the world and it is for this reason we have quite a few in my company today.

Indeed it was because the subject was so appealing to Steny that he set up Perfect Memory, a start-up specialized in documentary engineering. Moreover, what we see is a rapidly expanding international market for multimedia semantic data bases in which France is lagging somewhat compared with other countries, notably in Europe. As in many other areas, France here can be seen as last adapter” … adds Steny Solitude.

Today, Perfect Memory works with several press agencies, e.g., RTBF, Radio France, RTL, as well as for then Belgian ministry in charge of Culture. “Today, TV channels, Radio channels, etc., have several heterogeneous data bases that group together text, videos, photos … and they therefore are difficult to manage and to be used in the market-place”, explains Steny Solitude. “We allow the channel authorities to reconcile the various information sources round a given programme they wish to sell (internally, externally, open data …). To implement this, we feed the bases with all the information available in our client’s immediate ecosystem. Then we provide the search engine, navigation and display tools enabling the client to rapidly find what they are looking for."

Value-adding to the gigantic data bases is often what motivates enterprises, as Steny Solitude confirms in these terms “At this point in time, we are working on a tremendous project with Cap Gemini, aimed at internationally marketing the entire production output of French television channels. This entails bringing together the 118 TV programme producers, harmonizing all the sources in a space with a single common referential for everyone involved.” Having note the exponential growth of digital products, the data base market is far from running out of steam! 

* Today known as knowledge base engineering (KE) and ICT support management