37 : UTC Startups - Series I

All vertical market segments are affected by digital innovations and by trends seen at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), undoubtedly the greatest hi-tech event in the world, which 3 UTC start-ups chose to attend.

37 : UTC Startups - Series I

Using VR (virtual reality) to create a realistic sound surround environment

The Aspic Engine project imagined by two Computer Science students Marc Muller and Quentin George, certified by the UTC Innovation Centre in 2012, was turned into a startup, Aspic Technologies, end 2014

Aspic Technologies designs and proposes various software packages and equipment to video game and VR professionals, helping them to integrate a highly realistic sound surround environment. “Aspic Technologies makes the video and sound components coherent in a virtual environment, replacing long and costly alternative methods by a real-time, efficient solution, albeit with a few ‘approximations’”, explains Quentin George.

The startup company is notably sole supplier for software and sound equipment for the EQUIPEX Innovation-Research platform for the Digital and Interactive Visual Environments (IrDIVE) at the SCALab laboratory at the Universities of Lille. The new platform will be inaugurated officially in Spring 2016 and will become the largest VR facility in France.

Moreover, the company intends to launch a fund-raising campaign during the coming year, to enable the founders to complete their marketing and sales staff.

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