The "living memory" of UTC’s associations

It is now possible for any member of staff (teachers, admin, technical …) to be a Godfather or Godmother to one of the UTC associations.

The "living memory" of UTC’s associations

The UTC Undergraduates’ Office (the « BDE » in French) recently organised the 1st God-Father/Mother for UTC Associations Meeting, the objective of which was to publicise existence and work done by the University’s associations and to reinforce the connections between students and staff, encouraging the latter to be God-Fathers/Mothers for any association they wish to choose.

According to Alexandre MORIN, President of the UTC-BDE, this one day meeting aimed at “generating sufficient curiosity among the personnel and teaching staff that they might become interested in the 107 associations at UTC Compiegne and, who hopefully, might wish to get involved and become God-Fathers/Mothers for one of them. This is a long-term project; new associations are created every semester and they need godfathering”.

Philippe TRIGANO, research scientist and lecturer at the UTC’s Heudiasyc Laboratory and also chargé de for student welfare and campus activities has, for example accepted to play God-Father to several associations, including USEC the University’s ‘junior enterprise’. “I became God-Father partly because I took part in USEC’s creation in 1982 when I myself was a UTC undergraduate. I likewise accepted the same role for 4 other associations, all to do with dancing, stage-shows and scenic expression, these being topics of interest to me.” A God-Father (Mother), as Philippe sees it, must be “a permanent, stable member of the UTC community at large, which enables him/her to assure a memory function for the association.

The executives of any association change regularly and in this way the God-Father or God-Mother can capitalise on the knowledge gained through time.” The associations - over and above this memory function that transcends their executive changes - can also benefit from external advice, about ongoing projects or envisioned schemes and may have the opportunity to tap into some of their God-Father’s (Mother’s) professional contacts.