I was a volunteer worker in the fight against this coronavirus

At the age of 20, Alexis Brossard, a 3rd year student at UTC, will undoubtedly have experienced one of the most original lockdowns of UTC students: employed as a volunteer first-aid worker during the Covid-19 crisis.

I was a volunteer worker in the fight against this coronavirus

Originally, explains Alexis, I was a back-up during various events, mainly the UTC student parties. But at the beginning of March, a few days before the lock-down we received a call to volunteer in the fight against coronavirus. »

The Secourut's association, a federation of French first-aider workers in the Oise region, called in reinforcements from the Samu 60 and the Samu 94.

In the Oise region, three missions are assigned to the volunteer rescuers: telephone reception, organisation of screening tests and management of Covid kits for the health-care front-line workers.

In the Paris region, the ten or so students from UTC were on the front line. "To cope with the epidemic wave, we found ourselves carrying out interventions for the Samu. Ranging from small fractures to Covid cases, we were 5 to 6 volunteers performing interventions in an ambulance," continues Alexis, not without pride.

But the life of a Samu volunteer in the midst of an epidemic is not an easy one. "We slept in a gymnasium and could be called at any time of the day or night for emergency interventions”. A frantic rhythm that Alexis finally decided to leave. "In mid-April, I felt that there was less need for volunteers and I took the opportunity to suspend my first aid activities and go back to my studies to complete my semester," confides the young man. Four years ago, he launched out to the world of emergency. His ambition at the time? To work as a lifeguard in the summer. Today, this commitment has taken a completely different turn.

"It's at times like these that I feel useful to society. I was able to help on a small scale. » If the mechanical engineering student enjoyed the experience, he did not see himself making a career in first aid. "I love engineering too much to stop everything, but I know that Corentin, the president of our association, occasionally desires to study medicine after UTC. »

No doubt, in any case, that the young man will keep a special memory of these 8 weeks of his lock-down work...