Four UTC ‘grads’ set up shop in Bali, Indonesia

Raphaël, Lucas, Alaric and Romain, four inseparable friends from UTC decided, a few weeks ago, to leave everything to live, set up shop and work on the island of Bali, Indonesia. For Interactions readers, they talk about this daring gamble.

Four UTC ‘grads’ set up shop in Bali, Indonesia

What courses did you take at UTC ?

Raphaël : I graduated from UTC withthe major "Computer sciences and applications" " and first directed my professional career in software development & engineering.

Pierre : Likewise for me, after graduating in 2020, having completed the major "Computer sciences and applications", I have been doing loads of freelance work in computer apps development.

Alaric : I also graduated from UTC with the major "Computer sciences and applications" but in 2018.

Romain : Can't be different can I ? I graduated from UTC with the major "Computer sciences andapplications" too.

So, why Bali?

Pierre : I had already had the opportunity to visit this island and I had a real crush on this place. It's a place where it's warm, where you can surf, a sport I love above all else, and where "life is good".

Raphaël : For my part, I was thirsty for adventure, and "internationality". I didn't have the opportunity to go on an Erasmus trip during my studies, so I really wanted to soak in another culture, another universe.

Alaric : I really wanted to change my surroundings and remote-work from another country, to see something other than France and my flat.

Romain : I joined the adventure a bit later, they had already started to go through the visa procedures and I thought I would join them. We settled in the south of the island, in Jimbaran and the advantage of this small fishing village is that everything is cheaper there.

What effects did the lockdown measures in France have on your desire to go international?

Raphaël : It's a project we've have shared for a long time, the lockdowns just delayed it a bit. But as soon as certain restrictions were lifted, we were able to take out an express visa to be able to settle in as quickly as possible.

Alaric : For me, the health crisis accelerated my desire to leave and change my surroundings. Since March 2020, I have been remote-working and I have lived through the successive lockdowns and curfews alone. I needed to be in the company of people again and to live in a nicer environment.

Pierre : I will admit that the fact that everything closed in France has made me want to head elsewhere...

What was the transition like, between your professional life in France and life in Bali? Did you, for example, have to resign from prior positions?

Pierre : I've been working freelance for several months, I'm what we call a "digital nomad", so the fact that I work in France or elsewhere has no impact on my clients. My only requirement is to have a good wifi connection.

Raphaël : For my part, it was a big decision; I was on a permanent contract and I took a sabbatical for this change of life, the time to see if it would succeed or not. I went freelance and started looking for development work. The advantage is that IT is a sector where there is always a high demand.

Romain : For me it's a bit more complicated. At the moment I'm just on holiday, I'm staying for a month. But my objective is to come back in August, and why not to settle permanently like the other boys. I'll give myself time to think about it and, above all, to see what happens.

Alaric : I was lucky enough to be able to negotiate to keep my French permanent contract while working in Bali with local hours (ed. note: 6 hours plus difference with France). In return, I have to make myself available from time to time in French time to be able to exchange with my colleagues.

Describe a typical day working in Bali.

Pierre : There is the daily work load, of course, but here everything is far more peaceful. We live in a beautiful villa, we have access to the beach very quickly. In short, it's really another way of life that suits me perfectly.

Raphaël : When I told my parents that I wanted to leave everything behind and move to Bali, they were a bit scared, but in the end they understood my choice. I'm afraid I won't be able to find enough new assignments to stay, but I'm doing my best to succeed.

Alaric : The arrival in Bali went very well and I'm starting to adopt my new work rhythm, I can't wait to see how the next few weeks go.