"Curiouser & Curiouser"

Sabine Allouchery graduated from UTC majoring in computer engineering (with elective specialist option robotics) in 1988. Since 2005, after a career in the computer industry, Sabine Allouchery has been a coach and therapist. Portrait of a woman with boundless curiosity.

"Curiouser & Curiouser"

Curious? Did you say curious? Sabine Allouchery demonstrated this in her years in “preparatory classes”. While the grandes écoles [French engineering schools] opened their arms to her, but she chose UTC. Why so? "I saw UTC as modern. It worked with a UV system, which was innovative for an engineering school. The other schools seemed more classical to me. UTC was also more human in the sense that, alongside technological knowledge, it also included a management dimension. It required a one-year internship in a company, 6 months in the second year and 6 months at the end of the cycle, and offered many partnerships abroad. I absolutely wanted to have an experience outside our borders," she says. After a first internship at Poclain on real-time computing, she joined Philips Kommunikation A.G. in Nuremberg for her final year internship. "During the first internship, it was the separation between the bluecollar workers who had lunch at noon and the white-collar workers at 1 p.m. that struck me. I'm also delighted to experience the programme I developed by driving a hydraulic excavator myself.

At Philips, I came to love the international atmosphere, and taking part in the development of the first mobile phone compiler," she explains. Still curious? "My colleagues were motorcyclists and I started accompanying them on their motorbike rides. I caught the virus and as soon as I got back to France, I passed my Big Bike* licence", she jokes. [special “A” licence required for bikes over 35 kW (47/6 HP)] After graduating from the UTC, rather than turning to industry, the logical continuation of her Robotics speciality, she prefers to join a management IT services company. "I did very little programming. Having easy contact, the managers quickly offered me the position of “solutions architect”, then that of manager of a team of consultants. I was barely 25 years old," she says.

Curiosity once again? "I changed companies several times, each time valuing my experience and my thirst to learn, my thirst for new things. My last position in the software world was at BMC Software as sales director and then marketing director," she says.

Still curious? "You are a sales director, you talk more about people than numbers", says a headhunter. “I reply that numbers are a consequence of good management. The job of manager fascinated me, much more complex than a robot, much richer than millions of euros," she adds.

New curiosity and a change of direction? A trip to the desert with a Tibetan lama creates a new inner lane ‘fast-track’ route. Sabine wants to deepen her understanding of humans. She leaves BMC to set up her own consulting business and continues her training. First in Sophrology, then at the Gregory-Bateson Institute (IGB) where she trains in short-term and strategic therapy, which comes from the work of the Palo Alto school. "After 11 years as a therapist in my practice and as a consultant in companies, I am passionate about people and nature. I am looking forward to continuing to discover and learn through life experiences," says Sabine.

Ultimate curiosity and new orientation? "Yes as a novelist. Seeking a publisher for my new novel is my goal today," she concludes.

1988 : engineering graduate from UTC
2000 : discovered meditation in the Mauritanian desert
2002 : qualified in sophrology and personal coaching.
Created several companies: GO Elan Conseil, Nautic TV and A2 Partner
2009 : opened her consultancy agency for short therapy programmes
2015 : self-edited: « Réussir contre toute logique » et « Maigrir contre toute logique » [“Illogical Success” and “Illogical Slimming”
2017 : 1st novel : « Mon premier jour » [“My First Day”] – Ed. Mélibée