Campus-Enterprise UTC, an alliance between students & enterprise

Morgane Roussel and Marion Lecostey are the ‘commando’ style duo behind Campus-Enterprise UTC, which aims at creating synergies between the students and business enterprises seeking to ensuring appropriate and promising recruitments.

Campus-Enterprise UTC, an alliance between students & enterprise

This is the very essence of the missions assigned of UTC: to develop interactions between the engineering school and the industrialists. Working at the UTC pole for training-enterprise affairs, Morgane Roussel and Marion Lecostey play their part in contributing to professional insertion of the (under)graduates. Their common aim is to create a win-win situation between those enterprises looking for young staff recruits and (under)graduates with the relevant skills and knowledge bases, and students looking for either a first professional job (or an internship). Marion is more specialized in the upstream segment and is now a well-known figure for the industrialists, especially the recruiting officers and those in charge of liaising with the engineering school. She has built up a network she keeps informed, enthusiastically “ My idea here is to better understand the approach and expectations of the partners : to understand their business activities, the professional jobs they rely on, to identify their recruitment needs and to establish a relevant link with our training course offer and the aspirations of our students. The latter are not just looking for an internship but more a professional experience in phase with their personal projects, values and convictions. It is also primordial to assess the way a company wishes to build and entertain its relations his with UTC give that in this kind of collaboration, our investments are mutual”, explains Marion Lecostey, in charge of development of the relationships between the students and the enterprises. To illustrate, we recall the case of Cédric Mahut, student engineer majoring in Mechanical Engineering, Bac +5, specialized in Integrated Production and Logistics (PIL). He is currently doing his end-(of-studies internship with Safran. “Whatever major we choose, UTC offers numerous occasions to meet company reps, in job overview lectures, Manpower lectures, special conferences or visits. I was fortunate enough to benefit from all these opportunities during my 3 years in my UTC major period”, says Cédric. “So, what events did I prefer? The visits assuredly. Each visit showed us a different corporate culture, both in the fields of logistics or production or again in manpower organization. These events allow for excellent forums of exchange and, indeed, I was able to overcome my natural timidity to discuss with the company staff.”

Three levels of information

Physical face-to-face contact – beyond the first level of building relationships which implies that a company communicates its internship and apprenticeship offers – lies at the heart of the system. If we note that inter-enterprise events – such as the Comutec Forum held Oct 18, 2018 – have existed for several years now, the UTC Campus-Enterprise offer goes further, proposing a third level of actions which are both personalised and specific: tailor-made events that require a more sophisticated level of engineering. “Our remit is to define the relevant action(s) for each company. Tailor-made events take time to design and orghnaise, and also manpower and financial means and more than these, the support of the UTC actors, i.e., that of the pedagogical specialists and the logistic & support services”, underlines Marion Lecostey. As soon as the actions are approved and scheduled, it is Morgane Roussel’s turn - as the UTCD staff exective in charge of professional insertion of the students, to come on stage. Iy is her responsibility to ensure that all this previous work can be concretely implemented, viz., fully operational. The end-result is an well-filled, rich agenda of events “My job is to define the underlying objectives, to adapt each communication action, to the visual identity of the company involved, improving their presentations”. Morgane and Marion underscore the precious help they get from Jennifer Leroy, who contributes to the duo’s work in terms of administration and logistics solutions needed for the events. Visits to factory sites, to R&D centres, after-works, technical conferences, job-oriented lectures, speed-recruiting and whole host varied formats, constantly adapted to the structures, to training courses available and to the students. “The advantage of the UTC Campus-Enterprise offer lies in its flexibility and ready adaptation to the actions according to meet specific needs. Inasmuch as I am responsible for the Integrated Production & Logistics (PMIL) specialty at UTC, my colleagues have clearly understood my specific needs, were able also to translate them into an attractive language that can easily be understood by the client companies creating an industrial collaboration which benefits the pedagogy of the operations”, says Joanna Daaboul, senior lecturer and head of the PIL specialty at UTC.

A female duo that really works

There is a real complementarity between the two women: Marion has a privileged contact with the manpower managers of the enterprises, while Morgane deals more with the students. Both know where and how to intervene to engage a relationship with an enterprise seeking better visibility with its potential publics, or how to valorise (a) training course(s) which is (are) often ignored by relevant recruiting officers. By deploying lots of energy (and taking immense pleasure in doing so), they have built up excellent relationships with major companies, among which (non-exhaustive list) we can cite: Chanel, Decathlon, Eiffage, Faurecia, Microsoft, Plastic Omnium, Renault, Safran or Saint-Gobain, The Campus-Enterprise initiative, over time, has become a tool capable of organizing regular events and innovative training formats, i.e., the wherewithal to add a new value to UTC and to its students!  n KD


Key figures

• 1 500 students on campus in year 2017-2018

• 50 events every year

• 40 business enterprises involved

• 7 contract partnerships


Communicate, communicate, communicate …

Morgane and Marion have been working together now for over 18 months to design and propose a more professional, more pedagogical and more qualitative offer. And for this, the “communication” policy lies at the heart of the Campus-Enterprise offer. “We serve the interests of the UTC students and their professional recruitment. And concomitantly”, they conclude, “we have become a focal point for the enterprises interested.”

E-mail campaigns, posters and billboards, the UTC Intranet, Facebook™, regular publications and valorisation of their activities on the social network Linked-In™, have opened portals and doors for exchanges with new potential partners.