Acquiring new economic and managerial skills

The INSEAD Business Foundations Certificate offers attendees the possibility to complement their engineering skills with a diploma from a reputed schools of commerce. It is a short (6 month) course designed to provide basics in management, finance and marketing to graduates in other specialties. It is part of the offer in the framework of the Sorbonne Universities Cluster (of which UTC is a founder member).

Acquiring new economic and managerial skills

With her UTC diploma (majoring in Process Engineering), Chloé Azaïs earned her Business Foundations Certificate in February 2016. In the 6 months needed, our young graduate managed successfully to mix her new studies with her professional remit.

Tell us how you decided to sign up for this course?

“After my UTC engineering diploma, I started looking at Master’s degrees in a business school to add a line to my CV. I found the INSEAD diploma attractive inasmuch as it allowed me to balance my professional work and new studies. The twelve hours of course work lectures are spread over Friday pm-Saturday. If you want to devote your time exclusively to the course, the time allotted allows you to avoid being cut off from the business world for too long. The fact that I qualified for a bursary grant was also decisive for me. It was awarded on the grounds of “merit” reducing the full course cost from 15 000 to 3 000 €.”

What were the admission criteria?

“Selection among candidates is on the basis of the application file, but the academic track-record is not the key to admission. You are assessed mainly on personal attributes and a demonstration of your motivation to discover new subjects to study and learn. The interviews are conducted in English; all the lectures are in English too”.

In what subjects did you learn most?

“During my years at UTC-Compiegne, I followed several courses in marketing, behavioral analysis and management. In contradistinction, financial and management theory were entirely new subjects for me. The intensive lectures in the Business Foundations Certificate enabled me to progress very swiftly in these subjects. And since each class was small – around twenty – left plenty of opportunities to exchange and participate.”

How was the course organized?

“One and a half to two month modules were organized, each aimed at presenting a new topic. There were not many tests or exams but in contrast, loads of personal work was required. Outside the class presence, reading and project work took up a lot of our time. When you are committed to the Business Foundations Certificate, you have to be ready to go all the way”.

What benefits did you gain in doing the course?

 “Well, following this new diploma, I in fact decided to change jobs. The Business Foundations Certificate was accepted as a perquisite to a Graduate contract Program with an American Group lasting two years and alternating engineering and training sessions on various subjects such as finance, supply chains, management and human manpower resources. In this way I was able to continue to develop my newly acquired INSEAD skills. So, barely two years after gaining my UTC engineering diploma, I have just recently been proposed for a position as head of a team of eighteen persons“