Opening up new paths

Odile Asselin, Head of the Learning Technologies Project with ResMed, accepts new challenges as she progresses.

Opening up new paths

Odile Asselin was attracted by and admitted to UTC after her Baccalaureate. She graduated in 1989 with the major Bio-Engineering and the elective specialty Biological Foodstuff Products (PBA). I really felt fine at UTC, which turned out to be an engineering school that corresponded exactly to my expectations! I was interested in new technologies applied to the living spheres, to health problems and at the time, UTC was the only engineering school with subjects like that on its training cursus. The relatively long placements with enterprise and the possibility to carry out semesters abroad were also ‘not to be missed’ opportunities. With hindsight, what struck me was that UTC was a great place to get one’s act together, with the open choice of courses and elective specialty”, Odile recalls. At the end of her last semester at UTC, Odile, who wanted to complete her technical training background with groundings in marketing and finance, registered for a Master’s degree at the ESSEC Business School [one of the best in Europe].


Finding her way

With her two HE diplomas, Odile started to work in jobs with strong relationship potential. Firstly, with Dositek, a small biotechnology-intensive start-up, where she developed company-client relationships. She then joined INTEGRA Biosciences, a German-Swiss company, as a technico-commercial engineer, the company doing very well in France, riding, so to speak, the new technology wave. “I love challenges with the idea of being able to integrate some very innovative products to the French market-place with research labs as my clients”. In 1999, a new posting and new functions saw her at Elvetec Services, Heading their Marketing Department. She was kept busy with Sales, Product range management, Event-oriented activities and the Medical biology lab scene as her market-place.


At the patients’ service

5 years down her career path, Odile was recruited as Product Manager for ResMed. As of this point, Odile Asselin engaged in a strong career route with ResMed, a specialist in sleep phase respiratory disorders. Profiting from her prior experience in marketing, she shifted to the training aspects as Head of an e-learning project: “I had the impression that I had accomplished lots of things and I wanted to face a new challenge, opening new doors so I accepted to start this project from scratch since at that time there was no distant learning protocol to hand”.


Interested as she was in managing complex projects, Odile participated in dissemination of scientific knowledge: “Beyond product training, the aim was to share clinical knowledge related to the sleep syndromes and pathologies. For example, we developed models with virtual patients, employing techniques similar to those used by the armed forces and the air-force and some university and hospitals are anxious to access our protocols!” Her training course in e-learning received the Peter Farell Award, 2013 [ed.note: founder of ResMed] “This is a prize that valorises innovation and is also a recognition of a team’s achievements with an international project that will enable us to share our know-how in the field with our clients!” In 2014, continuing to pursue her personal aims and always on the lookout for new challenges, Odile was appointed head of the Learning Technologies Project, notably with the European market-places in mind. “After working on the contents, we had to develop and deploy the dissemination platforms. I cannot stress enough the value of having done marketing and digital processing beforehand”, she insists.


Constantly calling oneself to question

With each new function, Odile also aimed at calling herself to question. This implied a great deal of energy and dynamics that she personally invests to create new projects and explore new horizons. “The evolution here is natural, inasmuch as the posts I held did not exist before I was offered them. What I enjoy intensely is to accept a new mission and to move on with it. It is very encouraging and pleasant to hear positive testimony from people who feel better thanks to our equipment. That, I suppose, ties in with my desire to be useful!” Her dual educational background, a blend of engineering and marketing allowed Odie to make the difference. “UTC made me quite pragmatic in my ways. I think that all engineering graduates possess a high capacity to innovate and for me the driving force was to be able to commit myself to something that really benefitted Society. In terms of employment, the ‘connected health’ concept, just like remote (e-) training schemes are taking off now and are full of promise. What we have here is a way forward that will make patients feel they are better cared for”, concludes Odile.






Admission to UTC



Graduated with the major GB (bio-engineering) and the elective specialty Biological Foodstuff Products (PBA)



Master’s degree from ESSEC – IGIA (the Institute for international agro-food management)



Sales and Client Manager at Dositek


Technico-commercial engineer with INTEGRA Biosciences



Head of the Marketing Department at Elvetec Services



Head of PPC Products at ResMed


Head of the e-learning project at ResMed



Head of the Learning Technologies LMS Project at ResMed