A ‘first’ ERC Grant for UTC

Anne-Virginie Salsac, a CNRS research scientist who is still working at the UTC BMBI (biomechanics and bio-engineering) Lab. was awarded a “Consolidator Grant” by the European Research Council (ERC), this being a grant that goes to “young research scientists”, between 2 to 12 years after gaining their PhD. This ERC Grant is a “first” for UTC.

A ‘first’ ERC Grant for UTC

The ERC grant is a financial aid, maximum amount 2 Meuros over a 5 year period, was awarded to Prof Cécile Legallais for her project appertaining to the behaviour of deformable liquid core microcapsules introduced in living organisms.

The Consolidator Grant represents a strong recognition for this expert in human body fluid biomechanics whose career path has already been marked by numerous awards (among which the CNRS 2015 Bronze Medal). Her research n vascular flow phenomena over more than 15 years have led to her now having a world-class reputation in this field. Her current research activities at UTC aims at improving medical drug delivery vectors to increase efficiency and decrease unwanted side-effects.

The objective is to gain a better control as to the site where the therapeutic molecules are to be released and to dose more accurately the quantities of drugs delivered to that precise spot. “In order to achieve this, we must be able to control the mechanical ‘viz. deformations) of the microcapsule vectors to deliver the drugs to exactly where we want”, she explains. The approach adopted consists of using both digital and experimental models to simulate fluid circulation and microcapsule defamation in our digestive tract and our blood vessels. The coming investigations will concern devices delivering betaine, in particular, this molecule being a synthesized anti-oxidizer obtained from sugar beets. 


Cf. the UTC- BMBI web-site at https://bmbi.utc.fr

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