Computational bioengineering: the international experts meet at UTC

September 6-8, 2017n UTC will host the meeting of some hundred participants, from all around the world, at the 7th International Conference on Bio-mechanical engineering and Bio-engineering Modelling, endorsed by the European Society for Biomechanics (ESB).

Computational bioengineering: the international experts meet at UTC

Three days of lectures given by specialists in modelling engaged in research on the same thematic studies of the human body (muscular skeleton, cardiovascular systems …) but using differing modelling approaches met and exchanged among experts.  

The models are aimed at gaining a better understanding of the body, to alleviate deficiencies by developing innovative protocols and techniques to offer repair work.

Moreover, a presentation  given by Ted Shortliffe - one of the founding fathers  of expert systems in the biomedical world - recapitulated  the history of Artificial Intelligence (AI) since the1950s, focusing on the history of science, allowed the audience to better apprehend the development of new technologies.

The next venue and date have already been chosen: Belgrade, Serbia, in 2019/

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