Carnot Smiles* serving the cause for improvement, via mathematics, of entrepreneurial competiveness

By setting up a link between applied mathematics laboratories and industrialists, Tremplin Carnot Smiles encourages and enhances the emergence of research contracts that see mathematical modelling and digital computation serving the cause of entrepreneurial development and innovation in general.

Carnot Smiles* serving the cause for improvement, via mathematics, of entrepreneurial competiveness

 The Carnot Smiles Institute is a public research entity supported by the Sorbonne Universities Cluster (of which UTC is a member) alongside the CNRS and UPD (University of Paris 7 (Diderot)), specialized in mathematical modelling, digital modelling, optimization and data sciences, with a focus on conducting research with partners in enterprise.

Carnot Smiles brings together pluridisciplinary research teams (structure and fluid mechanics, acoustics, biology, chemistry, electronics, physics…) that have mathematics as tools in common, for the purpose of providing global solutions to enterprise’s complex technology-intensive challenges.

The key difference between Carnot Smiles and other, classic public research laboratories lies in the fact that it benefits from a new set of human resources that enables the unit to respond in a more professional and more reactive manner to the challenges now facing the entrepreneurial world, as follows:

• acting as a facilitator between the academic and industrial worlds, probing and assessing the R&D needs of companies and identifying ‘in-house’ those research scientists with the skills needed to handle the issue;

• providing Carnot certified engineers, with PhDs in in mathematics, who can train the project-teams alongside the institute’s scientists when collaborative contracts are signed with enterprise, focusing their efforts on: creating and developing mathematical models, likewise for algorithms and drafting of assessment reports for the industrial partners. Carnot certified engineers form a bridge between two time scales: on one hand, the enterprise time-scale and on the other, the academic time-scale. They ensure a constant link with their counterparts in enterprise, both in terms of project management and also in the proposal of technical solutions, while the research scientists’ expertise is brought to bear when dealing with the more critical phases of a project;.

The UTC-LMAC Lab (applied mathematics lab, Compiegne) is part of the circle of participants in the Carnot Smiles Institute and already has conducted several collaborative projects, on issues like sustainable energy management and new algorithms based on complicity reduction and high-level computational protocols. Other topics will be explored and developed, on data sciences as well as making god use of new skills that have recently come to UTC-LMAC. n


* In the framework of the Carnot Round #3 call for projects, a new category, the “Carnot springboards” - addressing laboratories wishing to increase their knowledge-base and skills in building contract relationships with entrepreneurial world but who lack practical front-line experience in this area - was created with the support of the French General Investment Agency (CGI).