54: Coveille a structuring project for UTC-LMAC

It was in the context of the ongoing health crisis due to Covid-19 that the National Institute of Mathematical Sciences and their Interactions (INSMI), one of the ten CNRS institutes, decided to set up a platform to coordinate actions involving modelling Covid-19 phenomena.

54: Coveille a structuring project for UTC-LMAC

Coveille a structuring project for UTC-LMAC

This platform, MODCOV19, was set up under full lockdown in France. Quite naturally, several lecturer-cum-research scientists from the UTC-LMAC Lab. (the Compiègne Applied Mathematics Laboratory), interested in the problem, were mobilised.

First, individually on the platform MODCOV19, then with the call for expression of interest launched by Marie-Christine Ho Ba Tho, Director of Research at UTC. Immediately, 3 “pairs” of lecturer-cum-research scientists were formed around the Coveille project.

The first two, consisting of Ghislaine Gayraud, professor, Miraine Davila Felipe, lecturer, and Nikolaos Limnios and Salim Bouzebda, both professors, are particularly interested in stochastic models and tools.

In other words, models where factors of randomness are introduced. The last “pair”, with Florian De Vuyst and Ahmad El Hajj, both professors, works on deterministic mathematical models and approaches.

So, what is the aim of COVEILLE? It is to model the dynamics of the Covid-19 epidemic at different levels of granularity of data analysis. In short, models which will be used to help monitor the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus and the risks of secondary upsurges.